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2009 art summary by Unigirl3 2009 art summary by Unigirl3
Merry Christmas everyone!
Here's a neat little meme to celebrate Christmas (slightly late, in Norway at least) and the New Year 2010 (a bit early)!
Wow, 2010. Say what you want about 'next year', it still sounds like a date out of a sci-fi movie.

Anyway, I felt like saying a bit about each deviation here..

JANUARY: Itchak Fanart. A fanart (my first fanart if i recall correctly) for Dratex2's Itchak, one of my favorites of Dratex2's stories. It's about the only art I submitted in January. I made several versions of this one, one of which I managed to misspell Itchak as Ithak in -_-.

FEBRUARY: Kyrea. One of my biggest pieces, I spent about a week doing this. Mostly on the lineart, which I think is one of my best this far. I want a poster of this one on my room.. One day...

MARCH: A Creature. My best creature design this far, I'm just looking for an opportunity to give him some characterization. Isn't he cute? I love the eyes, just download it and look closely at them... beautiful...

APRIL: Eye of the Sky. I love the feeling in this one. It's based on a rather old idea of mine, I found it back while looking through old old OLD pictures. I liked it enough to redo it completely with several attempts. It ended up being my most popular picture according to deviantART, and featured on an interview with me at school.

MAY: Adeali. The first picture of Adeali, my avatar, in the gallery. I tried a new effect there too, that has become default post processing of all my art.

JUNE: Vampire, the creepy kind. A creepy looking vampire to cool down the hot summer. Not quite like the sparklyfarts in Twilight! Really happy with the textures and blood effect.

JULY: GIMP test. Switching to OPEN SOURCE, and a shiny shiny piece to celebrate.

AUGUST: Signature for Stalvos on EE. The second piece done for a signature shop on the Earth Eternal Forums. Done almost entirely in an awesome painting software called MyPaint.

SEPTEMBER: Reading. One of my larger pieces, another one I want a poster of. A piece with a slightly anachronistic feel, a character in Viking-esque (at least I think so) clothing reading something that looks like manga. The symbol on her cheek is Khitan and means 'time'.

OCTOBER: Happy Halloween. Xandra likes Halloween. The idea was made way back in June or something, but not drawn before October.

NOVEMBER: The House of Weird. Promo pic for a comic that was never made. I still have the concept, though, and I'm working on a page with info about the different characters and places in it. I'll tell you guys when I'm done.

DECEMBER: New Icon. My new icon. Yay. I really love the brush I used for shading here, it has a very nice texture.

I'll add in links to the deviations later... Note to self: add links.
EDIT: Added links.
EDIT2: Also, I know there's nothing on the meme or anything saying I should, but I tag ~dratex2.
Blank is here: [link]
DesimalDesigns Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2010  Student
December is meh fave <333
Unigirl3 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2010
Yeah, I've improved a lot in one year. ^^ Thanks.
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